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30 Day Life Challenge: June 9, Breathe

2016 is the Year of “Happy” at Lexicon. We’ve taken on the challenge of helping you find more of your own, bringing you holistic tips and techniques to help you find not only professional success but personal fulfillment. At the beginning of this month we launched a challenge to get that going.

Day nine of the 30 Day Life Challenge

Take a Break30 Day Life Challenge, Just Breathe

Seriously. Right now. Take a break. Forgive yourself for the delay in your day. Step away from your desk or duties. And just breathe for a minute.

When we launched this 30 Day Life Challenge this is what we said:

It’s hard to find what makes your happy without life experience. This June is the perfect month to let loose and live a little. June straddles the hope of spring and the fun of summer–it’s the perfect opportunity to invite new experiences into your life.

Every day in June we challenge you to do something different to wake up your brain and your body to new experiences. We promise to post prompts and suggestions to get you thinking about a daily excursion into the unknown. Somewhere in the melee we are betting that you will unlock at least one of the doors to your happy. Who knows what you can discover when you let amazing opportunities in…

But how can we let in new amazing opportunities when we are always running behind, after, or tied to the everyday stuff we are doing right now–the stuff that is obviously NOT making us happy. So today, our advice is simple.

Just Breathe

We underestimate how important breathing is. We take for granted that we know how to do it. But think about it, what do we do when we get really angry–we breathe heavily. What do we do when we’re really excited–we breathe heavily. What do we do when we are nervous and about to take a big plunge–we take a deep breath. There is a connection between our breath and our state of mind. So we postulate, there just may be a connection between our breathing and our happiness. There are so many websites devoted to just this topic. There’s even a website called We wanted to find you some of the most reputable sources for understanding the benefits of your own breath and how by simply pulling air in and letting air out, you can reconnect with yourself to create a happier you.

Check these out:

Benefits of Deep Breathing —

Proper Breathing Exercises —

How to Breathe Better —

This barely scrapes the surface. And it’s not new agey stuff, it’s not related to any particular exercise or lifestyle–this is basic stuff. Breathe in, hold it, breathe out, pause–repeat. That’s it. That alone might make the difference between a saved day and a day gone wild.

Fill your lungs with oxygen and breathe out the stress. Clear your mind. Now you have room in your head to think. What other simple steps can I take to find my happy?

We’ll have some more ideas for you tomorrow!30 Day Life Challenge, life experience

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