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30 Day Life Challenge: June 6, Work/Life Balance

2016 is the Year of “Happy” at Lexicon. We’ve taken on the challenge of helping you find more of your own, bringing you holistic tips and techniques to help you find not only professional success but personal fulfillment. At the beginning of this month we launched a challenge to get that going.

Day six of the 30 Day Life Challenge… life-work balancing act

Did you enjoy the weekend?

Monday for many 9-to-5ers is a despised day–the beginning of the long week and longing for the short weekend. But what do we do on the weekend that is so special that we mourn when it’s over? What do we do that is so onerous during the week that deserves such surliness come Monday morning? And what can we do to shift the balance a bit?

Work/Life Balance?

For years, people have been talking about a work/life balance, but I read an article last week by Ella’s Kitchen USA founder Paul Lindey, who suggests we should forget this outdated notion and embrace a work-life BLEND.  Lindey explores the possibility that workstress‬ is exacerbated by us constantly trying to artificially separate our work from our personal lives. We all know that there are many things at work that we take quite personally and many personal moments greatly affected by work. Let’s face it: Work is an unavoidable part of life and you can’t really separate the two.

I’d like to take this thought further: I suggest that our weeks are so onerous and our weekends so short because we consciously separate them into artificial categories of work (week) and fun (weekend).

I say it doesn’t have to be that way. Break loose!

Go Crazy! Make tonight a weekend night.

So, I can feel the cringes and the mental balking: I have my kids, I can’t just play like it’s the weekend on a Monday. I have to be up early for work tomorrow. Nothing is even open on a Monday night… I hear all of the excuses and rationales, but here’s the thing–that’s what they are, excuses and rationales. We box ourselves into our safe, boring routines so that we don’t have to feel disappointment and unhappiness but that also stops us from experiencing fun and whimsy. But why box yourself in when you really don’t have to.

The key words here are blend and balance.

I’m not suggesting staying out until 3am (although you could) or ditching your kids when they need homework help (although there is some value in teaching independent thinking). More what I’m encouraging is for you to take a few minutes at some point today and play like it’s the weekend. Blend in a little weekend fun, balanced by a bit of discretion.

What’s the thing you most look forward to during the weekend? Whatever it is, try doing it on a micro level.

If you like those extra moments of relaxation: try actually taking your lunch hour today instead of grabbing a bite at your desk.

If you like watching your favorite shows, try scanning the internet for a new summer show and watching the previews or watching a mini episode of something on one of the thousands of new internet-based channels.

If you like having a nice drink, try putting the kids to bed a little early tonight and making a margarita before bed.

Whatever it is, put that little bit of happiness in your routine today.

Change your mindset.

It’s been scientifically proven that changing your mindset can change your entire life. Finding your happy is as much about exploring new experiences as it is amplifying those things that already bring you joy. Today start training your mind to find happy in all the days of the week, not just the fleeting weekends. There is room for happy every day of your life.30 Day Life Challenge, life experience

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