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30 Day Life Challenge: June 24, Taste of Success

2016 is the Year of “Happy” at Lexicon. We’ve taken on the challenge of helping you find more of your own, bringing you holistic tips and techniques to help you find not only professional success but personal fulfillment. At the beginning of this month we launched a challenge to get that going.

Day twenty-four of the 30 Day Life Challenge

The quote that got this all started is “People don’t go out and live, but they expect life results.”  We want you to start getting the results you want. For the last five days of the month, we thought it fitting to concentrate on the five senses that help us get everything.

Can You Taste It?30 Day Life Challenge

It’s a common saying, “I want it so bad, I can taste it!” But can you? This may seem like an odd question. in a way it is, but we are firm believers in free association, a fun thinking game that encourages your brain to connect the dots for you to find out what you really think. So let’s play the game. Here’s the key, don’t feel silly about anything, just go with your gut–Tell me the first thing that comes to your mind when I say:

What does success taste like?

What does happiness taste like?

What does excitement taste like?


We’d love to know what you thought. Taste is one of the first ways we explore the world. What things taste like to us can tell us a lot about how we perceive our experiences and ourselves. Happy: Can you taste it?

30 Day Life Challenge, life experience

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