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30 Day Life Challenge: June 10, Persevere

2016 is the Year of “Happy” at Lexicon. We’ve taken on the challenge of helping you find more of your own, bringing you holistic tips and techniques to help you find not only professional success but personal fulfillment. At the beginning of this month we launched a challenge to get that going.

Day ten of the 30 Day Life Challenge

Major Setbacks

This morning I was informed that an acquaintance of mine and a long time client has lost her job and her last day will be next week. After climbing up the ladder to one of the highest positions in her section, the organization decided to close the entire department. I was stunned (for a moment) but then I realized, this isn’t a new thing. But it is one of the things that can put a serious hurdle between you and your happy. And yet, some people have the ability to smile through it and persevere. I know I want to be that kind of person.

How Do You Persevere?


A friend said to me after I remarked on some recent nasty weather, “The weather doesn’t matter. Weather is weather. I’ll smile anyway. Live your life simple and you keep smiling.” I was again stunned (for a longer moment) and then it occurred to me that simple isn’t just a materialistic concept, it’s a philosophy of how to react to whatever life sends your way.

The statement that started this entire challenge–“People don’t go out and live, but they expect life results”–is a really simple concept. If you don’t put yourself out there, you can’t get the results you want. If you don’t smile, it’s hard for life to smile back at you. So today’s suggestion is super simple:


Today, we challenge you to smile at every person you meet today. Maybe even throw in a “good morning” or “good day.” If you’re really feeling adventures, even a “how ya doin’?” Smile at the world, and give the world an opportunity to smile back at you. Probably not everyone will catch on, but you might be surprised at those who do. It may lead to a new opportunity you never dreamed of…

30 Day Life Challenge, life experience

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