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Thought for the Day: 30 Day Life Challenge, Life Experience

In 2016, Lexicon is devoted to helping you find your happy–whatever that may be. what's your happy, happy, happiness, life experience

I find that the best inspiration comes from the people around me. Which feeds directly into today’s thought. A friend of mine stated in disgust:

“People don’t go out and live, but they expect life results.”

He couldn’t understand how anyone could possible expect anything from their lives when they don’t put anything into their lives. This got me to thinking… How can anyone complain about not being happy if they haven’t gone out and figured out what their happy is? It’s hard to know what you want from life without life experience. Yet it happens all the time. Someone isn’t happy in their job, and you ask, what kind of job would you be happier doing? The response: I don’t know. Someone isn’t happy in their relationship, and you ask, what kind of person do you think you’d be happy with? I don’t know. A person isn’t happy where they live… you get the idea. It’s a common ailment. However, as my friend stated, it has a very clear cure. Go out and live.

Take the 30 Day Life Challenge!

It’s hard to find what makes your happy without life experience. This June is the perfect month to let loose and live a little. June straddles the hope of spring and the fun of summer–it’s the perfect opportunity to invite new experiences into your life.

Every day in June we challenge you to do something different to wake up your brain and your body to new experiences. We promise to post prompts and suggestions to get you thinking about a daily excursion into the unknown. Somewhere in the melee we are betting that you will unlock at least one of the doors to your happy. Who knows what you can discover when you let amazing opportunities in…

Today’s Suggestion

  • Go outside and star gaze for at least fifteen minutes and contemplate the universe and your place in it. Saturn is supposed to be in eye range today. This could all be a hoax or an event that only happens once every 10,000 years. Take a chance and check it out for yourself. If you live in an area where the stars aren’t readily visible, today is your opportunity to take a quick road (bus, train, hiking) trip.

Did you see Saturn? Drop us a line and let us know!

If today’s suggestion doesn’t float your boat, just wait… tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to find something that knocks your socks off. More to come!30 Day Life Challenge, life experience

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