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2012: Are You Ready to Pivot?

PivotPresident Obama said, “Yes, we can!” And politics aside, when it comes to job creation, Mr. President has indeed kept his promise. When he inherited this recession, it was going downhill fast! But the tide has finally turned, and there are jobs. 200,000* were created last month alone. But, I know–you’re still unemployed.

This is the thing. No one guaranteed the jobs created would be in your specialty. This is the only certainty: Change.

Change is the only thing you can absolutely count on. I know, it’s a scary thing. Change is not something that most of us relish. Even sometimes when in a bad situation, we avoid change–we’d rather deal with the devil we know. But here are a couple of truths to think about in 2012:

1. In this new market, there will be no such thing as job security. There will be no such thing as just doing your job. So don’t expect to find that cushy job to settle into for the next 25 years and then collect a pension. This is a new era.

2. Your technical skills will only get you so far; the future is in your brain. Managers want people who can do what they know, and figure out how to do what they don’t know.

3. Information is the new product and technology is the new factory. Get on board with IS and IT, or you’ll miss the whole train. Every industry is going digital, and there is no turning back.

4. Education, education, education. Many people are disillusioned because their degrees have not been the super highway to success they anticipated. Not all degrees were created equally. Research the job market before committing to a degree program and figure out what’s really required. Then, know that you’ll have to do more. As technology changes, the entire way that we live will inevitably shift, causing a need for more and continuous learning.

5. Applicability and versatility are your keys to long term success. Certain skills apply across several industries and subsets. Develop your most attractive and versatile skills and continue to hone them not narrowly, but broadly to appeal to the largest professional audience possible.

Check out these statistics: Since last year, the Healthcare industry has publicized 52% more job openings. Education 48% and Transportation 39%. There are jobs.

Everything depends on you being able to pivot! Are you ready in 2012?


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